Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System

Hotel management software can be utilized to perform important organizational and financial tasks and activities by hotels, resorts, motels, RV parks, condos and others. These functions include reservations, customer relationship management, property and maintenance management, accounting, and employee scheduling.

Hotels look to improve their efficiency and productivity and this has led to the development of hotel management platforms. This type of software is also called Property Management System (PMS) and more comprehensive systems are termed Hotel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Start by checking our leader Oracle Hospitality, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Hotels can use hotel management tools to perform essential operations and processes. So it is important for hotel and other lodging providers to do educated comparisons to select the best hotel management tools for their requirements. However, this can be a tricky task given the scores of quality platforms out there. To help you, we have prepared this buyer’s guide that gives useful pointers on the list of features to look for and the factors to consider in your search for the best hotel management software tools.

The following businesses typically make use of hotel management software tools:

  • Franchises – Many franchises stipulate rules on what type of hospitality software should be used. Others like Holiday Inn let their franchisees to make the selection decision.
  • Hotel chains – If your hotel chain has multiple properties, then you need to decide whether to use a single system across all properties or to allow each one to select for themselves.
  • Large resorts and hotels – Larger properties need a more robust system as they have more complicated reservation and scheduling requirements, maintenance requests, and because they offer a wider range of services and products.
  • Small properties – Small bed-and-breakfast types and hotels can do with a basic system that offers account and property management features.
  • Residential properties – RV parks, condos, and other residential properties need a good property management software solution and not hotel management software.

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